Spicewood Springs Cat Hospital: FAQs


  • Can I pick up items for my dog at the drive-thru?
    Yes! Our drive-thru will serve as a convenient pick up location for food and medication refills for both cats and dogs.


  • Will my regular veterinarian still be at Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital?
    Yes. All of our veterinarians will still see appointments at both hospitals.


  • What if I have a cat and a dog? Can I bring them together?
    We will still see both canine and feline friends at the main hospital, should you wish to bring them together.


  • What about boarding?
    Our new cat condos feature four stories, each with a private litter box space below. We will still offer dog boarding at the main hospital.


  • Why the separate location?
    Our goal is to provide the highest quality care to all of our patients. The new cat hospital will provide a less stressful environment suited to the needs of our feline friends.


  • Where exactly is the new cat hospital?
    Just around the corner from Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital! We are located at 8108 Mesa Dr, Suite B-105, in the parking lot adjacent to Walgreen’s.