Spicewood Animal Hospital is an Austin vet care facility with a full digital x-ray machine which gives us radiological images in seconds as well as the ability to have images e-mailed or read off-site by a radiologist. Our separate dental x-ray unit can be used for very detailed imaging of small patients or hard to reach areas such as jaws or digits.

Blood Analysis

We have an in-house blood analyzer which enables us to run tests such as complete blood counts, chemistry profiles and electrolytes with results available in 15 minutes. Other tests we can run in-house include fecal, heartworm, microscopic cytology, feline leukemia & FIV screens, electrocardiograms (EKG’s), blood pressure, urinalysis, clotting functions, and tonometry (glaucoma) screening.


Spicewood Springs also has an in-house ultrasound unit for basic ultrasound needs. For more detailed scans, we utilize the services of a board certified radiologist.

Other Diagnostic Tests

Other tests can be run using the services of outside laboratories, who pick up samples from our facility daily.

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