Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital has the capability to diagnose and care for most pet illnesses as well as perform wellness checkups for your dog or cat.

We are committed to offering the highest level of pet care expertise in a warm and compassionate environment.

Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital examination room


Combining in-house diagnostic systems with a professional network of veterinary laboratories allows Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital to diagnose a wide range of issues from regular check ups to managing specific illnesses. LEARN MORE



Our dental services include dental exams, cleanings (scaling and polishing), taking radiographs and extractions if necessary. LEARN MORE



We have onsite aseptic surgical facilities and anesthetic monitoring equipment allowing us to conduct surgeries while observing patient vitals during procedures should your pet require surgery. LEARN MORE



Our main hospitalized patient ward is located in the center of the treatment area so that care can be given immediately when needed. Our isolation ward allows for safe treatment and constant observation of pets that cannot be around others.  LEARN MORE