Dr. Wagner has wanted to work as a veterinarian for as long as she canremember. After graduating from Texas A&M in 1991, she got her start working at a busy inner-city emergency hospital in Houston. She moved to Austin in 1994, where she continued to work in emergency medicine, eventually opening her own practice. After several years of working weekends and holidays, Dr. Wagner sold her hospital and began employment as a relief veterinarian. Working at many different hospitals eventually led her Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital, and she has been here since 2003.

Dr. Wagner’s special interests include internal medicine, chronic pain management, and especially gerontology. As our pets are living longer, they often have a number of issues that all need to be managed and balanced. Dr. Wagner believes that age is not a disease, and that with proper monitoring and minor interventions, our senior animals can continue to maintain an excellent quality of life with a minimum of disruption.

In her free time, Dr. Wagner likes to travel the world with her husband and daughter; when she’s at home, she likes to spend time working out, running the Town Lake trail, and hanging out with her two cats and three dogs.