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July 4th and Fireworks Anxiety

With July 4th happening this weekend, we probably have a lot on our minds; shopping for brisket and beer, finding out the best location to watch the fireworks, or arranging events with friends and neighbors. It’s easy to forget about our furry housemates. July 4th

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Heatstroke (Hyperthermia)

Summer doesn’t officially start until June 21st but here in Austin, summer seems to take up half the calendar year. With the rising temperatures upon us we need to take extra care to protect our beloved pets from heat related emergencies. Cats and dogs are

Many Options for Heartworm Prevention

With summer months fast approaching, it is an ideal time to get back in the habit of giving your pet their monthly heartworm prevention. Heartworms are spread via mosquito and can infect any animal that is not on regular heartworm prevention. Dogs are ideal hosts

Clicker Training to Assist with Dog Training

Clicker training is quickly becoming a widely used tool to assist with dog training. The device makes a loud and distinctive click that helps to “mark” the desired behavior. This helps communicate to the dog exactly which behavior you want to encourage and speeds up

Making Friends in Austin is Easy. Adopt a Pet!

Finding your cute companion If you are new to Austin it may not take you very long to see that here in Austin, we LOVE our pets. There are lots of great state parks, dog parks, and even some of our restaurants don't mind if

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Bangaii Cardinals

Stop by and check out the newest additions to our salt water tank, five beautiful Bangaii Cardinal pet fish!  

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Pet of the Month – Mia

It is no longer February, but Mia is still our Valentine!

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Business Stanley – August’s Pet of the Month!

Stanley is not all business all the time but he does dress the part when in the office.

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Pet Loss Support Group

Have you experienced the death of a beloved pet? Hospice Austin understands that the loss of you pet can feel very similar to loosing a family member or friend. If you are grieving the loss of your pet; Hospice Austin invites you to join their free support

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Pet of the Month – Ettye Irene

Happy 20th Birthday Ettye Irene!  

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